Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas...From our herd to yours....


Eli's Christmas Program was this week - so cute. I am just beside myself with 'craziness' and I have so much to do these next few weeks, but today is his last day of school before the break and new baby and his party was such a nice send off. Pictured above are the three amigos - Elijah, Zachary, and Eli's best friend Samuel.



Noah was able to party, too...



Zachary was Eli's secret Santa. They were too cute trying to keep secrets all week...



Eli's Class this year (minus Tioma)..



And we adore his teachers...Mrs. Darrell and Miss Michelle. Thank you for being so awesome!!!!!


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  1. Very very cute! Thank you for posting.

    Love you, Eli! Mimi