Thursday, December 9, 2010


Caglewood Trip went so well! Busy, with a lot to do! But all of the pictures Paul sent me from his phone looked like this....

photo (78)

And this one was the best one - so I decided to wait and post pictures once I have received some from the girls that went with cameras. I will do a Disney post soon - thanks to all of you who helped support the group!

Baby The Hut

Baby Freeman is doing well! Now he/she is wanting to stay in a bit longer =) I had an appmt yesterday and all looks good except for my weight!!! I cannot believe how much I have gained - the nurses laugh every time I come in to get on the scale because they are used to my reaction, hehe.

But no progress, blood pressure was a bit higher than last time, but I have no protein from my kidneys so that is a good sign.

36 weeks and counting! I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday - the Dr. seemed a bit concerned with the size of my belly and is worried that the baby may be measuring on the small side. I am excited to get to see the baby again, it will be the first time since week 20 and Noah will get to come in to experience it this time!! Yay! So more to tell then.

Meanwhile, baby clothes are finally washed and put away in drawers. New diapers are in position along with wipes and we are ready to welcome a new little snuggly bundle home!! Now I just need to finish the crib, bassinet, swing, and many other things that are not necessary until after the birth. Can't wait!

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