Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Sunday Peace

The Freemans ventured out seeking Shalom again today. Our second Sunday and what a beautiful, peaceful day it was!! We were all a bit tired from being late night party animals Saturday which meant that our day came with it’s fair share of whining and water breaks. We still had a good time and definitely came home to partake in wonderful naps =)  …..after Cracker Barrel of course….


Fort Yargo was our destination today. They have an awesome historical cabin where they have folks come in and teach about how people cooked in the olden days, made fires, shelters, gardens, and even archery. Cute place…and great place to take photos!

IMG_3159   IMG_3161

Searching for roly-polies…


How to build a shelter…


Super cool, and beautiful, hike!!!

IMG_3171    IMG_3181

Noah chased this butterfly around for a few minutes and then stuck his finger out and the butterfly just sat there and let Noah ‘pet’ him. So cute…Noah was so excited!


Stayed up toooooooo late….my little party animal was pooped!


Talking about Lazarus….


Not quite sure (yet) what our destination will be for next Sunday but the boys are already excited and can’t wait!!

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