Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 Wonderful, Delightful Years…Thank-you Monkey!!!!


I cannot believe it has been FOUR YEARS since the day this little blessing was given to me. August 1st 2007 – Noah Thomas Freeman joined the Freeman family. We would never be the same again. He is such a delightful, LOVING, curious, very stubborn, and sweet little boy. He is all boy and very athletic but so sensitive and loving. He adores his family and is lost without us. He cares for everyone and is always willing to share, help others, and say a kind word. He is obsessed with the color GREEN. He keeps us laughing every single day and melts my heart with every gaze into his beautiful eyes. He gets his ears from his mommy, and yes, I am not ashamed to admit it!! I love this child and I don’t want him to grow up!!! I said to both of my boys a few days ago – “you guys are so wonderful, I don’t ever want you to grow up because that means that you will be off on your own and I won’t get to see you every day.” This was followed by a BIG smile and hug from Noah and then followed by tears from Elijah – Hysterically, Eli said “I AM SO SAD BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT ME TO GROW UP!!!!!”  The two of them are so extremely different – but tough love is there and they are best friends to the core…

Noah’s 1st year…

ebaAndNoahnoah2 006 - Copy

noah2 012 - Copy 

noah 2 016   noah 2 008 - Copy



Year 1-2…

IMG_3069Blueridge 786



Year 2-3…

IMG_7902 - CopyIMG_7619IMG_7631IMG_1006

Year 3-4…



IMG_2196IMG_2403 - CopyIMG_3294 - CopyIMG_3151

And now I am 4!!!!

A WONDERFUL party with great friends and loving family to celebrate the 4 amazing years this little man has blessed us all. The Freeman Monster Truck Bash was full of monster truck fun including a scavenger hunt, a monster truck sand track, t-shirt making, tattoos, and a super yummy homemade ice cream cake!!


IMAG0117IMG_4567IMG_4572  IMG_4570IMG_4594IMG_4593IMG_4600IMG_4581IMG_4582IMG_4596

Even Jobe had to get in on all the fun!!…

IMAG0119 (2)

Can’t wait to see what the next year has to bring. My little handsome man is growing up fast –



  2. I love all the pictures. It's amazing to see Noah and the family grow throughout the 4 years. Wonderful family and Noah is precious! Go Noah..the BIG 4!!! Lots of love to you all! Megan