Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BIG Week!!

To start, Eli lost his 2 front teeth this week! Super funny…


AAANNNNDDDDD – Noah started his first day of ‘Nature School’. Yipppeeeeee, go Noah!! This is a neat little program held once a week for 4-5 year olds at a Nature Center near our home. They go hiking, learn about bugs, animals and nature in general, they do crafts, and singing. Noah has always been home with me and is very worried about being away from me (completely opposite of his older brother!!!!!). Therefore, I thought this would a be a fun learning experience that would ease him into being ok with being away from Mommy since it is only once a week then we would do the rest of preschool as homeschool.



He was not a happy camper all morning. He did NOT want to go, he was very worried…..obviously (above)

But after we got there we got to see the bee hive:


And then he met his very small class in the museum, that was it. He was super excited!!!! He didn’t even say bye to me =(


My little man is growing up. He had a great day and hiked almost the entire time!

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