Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Freeman Boys

It has been a while since I have posted about the boys. We are all doing so well and staying SUPER busy – they are growing so fast.

IMAG0366   IMAG0371

 Elijah is LOVING school and is doing so well in the 1st grade. He is dying to become a boy scout and he is trying out acting for the first time in his school’s Christmas play. Sniffle…he is growing up =)

Noah is LOVING staying home with me and doing homeschool preschool under our own roof while also attending (once a week) a nature based preschool program nearby at a nature center. He gets to hike every week along with doing educational hunts and ‘stuff’ throughout nature. I absolutely love it – this preschool was made for the Freeman family.


Jobe is almost 9 months old is a WILDMAN. He has turned a corner in just 7 days. He started crawling, sitting up on his own from a laying position, and feeding himself finger foods within a 7 day period. Baby proofing is UNDER-WAY! He is also saying a few different words including Mama, Dada, Bye-Bye, and Nu-Nu which means ‘eat’. I have started sign language with him but he just looks at me like I am a crazy woman =) Super cute.

This is what happens when he eats too much…

I am hoping to be blogging more soon! I am going to start a weekly ‘easy’ recipe for other mommies out there that don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen and I am also hoping to start back up our ‘crafty tot Tuesday’. Woohoo!!!! Where the extra time will come from you say?…..sigh….

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