Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nerd Fest 2011

Yes, I admit it, we attended Dragon-con in downtown Atlanta this past weekend. I must say, I actually had a blast! I felt as though it was at an out of control Halloween celebration. My favorite part was seeing all of the costumes and believe me, there were some VERY interesting ones. We did realize that there is really no need to spend the $$ because walking the streets and getting into the hotels where the fun was, was all free. The fee went towards all the ‘geek’ classes and contests – most of which our children were way too young for. Although Eli and I did sit through a ‘Make your own R2D2 class’ – I felt like I was in science class again in high school – Eli was in LOVE while I was falling asleep…BORING! If there were any doubts that Eli was going to be a science fanatic, they are completely gone now. He spent 4 hours yesterday skimming a new lego magazine we got in  the mail and surfing the internet for science things. We had to peel him away for dinner and bed.

IMAG0344     IMAG0343

I have never seen so many Star Wars Characters in one place…Eli was in heaven!! They were all so wonderful with children, too!

IMAG0267  IMAG0274   IMAG0275IMAG0340   IMAG0277   IMAG0345IMAG0276

Partying in the streets…Noah was putting on a show for everyone walking by…

IMAG0242  IMAG0244

Noah’s turtle costume was a HIT – we were chased down by this girl below who wanted a picture with him. She was dressed up as a girl from the Turtle movie. He loved the attention =)


Even Mommy got in on the fun…

the Hooters ladies were so sweet – the one in black was pregnant so she was just swarming Jobe the entire time!


The Darma Initiative…


These silly boys asked if they could ‘rescue me’…

IMAG0289 - Copy

And some super fun pod racing!!….

IMAG0335  IMAG0337IMAG0339

IMAG0317  IMAG0323IMAG0334  IMAG0281IMAG0341

Noah’s FAVORITE super hero – Green Lantern!!! ….

IMAG0347 IMAG0348

And at the end of the weekend…

IMAG0342  IMAG0350

We will definitely be back next year. And at that point…I will have a shirt that reads “I am with nerds” with little arrows pointing all around!!

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