Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 Fun-filled Tot Fieldtrips…

Those of you that know me the best, know that I would rather spend my time in the mountains hiking, camping, playing and taking it all in. But, since we aren’t able to live in the mountains at this point in our lives, I am making the best of the fun things to do around here and letting my babies explore!! Who doesn’t love to explore??

2011 was a big year of field trips around the south. My boys are the perfect ages to love new exploration and booooooy are they curious!! My little Georges, sweet curious monkeys. Every year, the Freeman family is blessed enough to have a membership to one place in Atlanta and we go many times over the summer, all school vacations, and really, just whenever we can. 2010 we did Fernbank, 2011 we did The Alanta Botanical Gardens, and later on in 2012, we will most likely do the Zoo.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens!!! Woohoo!


IMG_5486  IMG_5472

IMG_4531 IMG_4539

IMG_4541  IMG_4545

IMG_4550 IMG_5476

IMG_5479 IMG_5484

IMAG1413 IMAG1410

Yellow River Game Ranch in Stone Mountain:

Yellow River is a super fun, hands-on zoo for everyone! The entire zoo is fenced in. Therefore, you are able to walk around with most of the animals, including deer. The staff also encourages you to bring in your own food to feed the animals. The boys had a GREAT time!!!

IMAG1038 IMAG1049

Even Jobe got in on the fun of feeding:


IMAG1068 IMAG1071


Opryland in Nashville:

We got to meet ‘Puss in Boots’, ride a river boat, and see some amazing decorations! Oh, and who can forget the amazing dessert we found – YUM. Fun!

IMAG1135  IMAG1137

IMAG1138 IMAG1143 IMAG1145

Duluth Train Museum:

A fun little museum in Duluth, Ga. They have tons of old trains that have barely been changed over the years. Therefore, we (Noah, Jobe and I) were able to see what the trains used to look like WAAAAY back in the day all the way down to the antique kitchens, fabrics on the chairs, and even the mail room in a train that delivered mail!! So cool. We saw an old Atlanta Taxi and at the end, we were able to take a little ride on an old train. We will definitely be going back!


IMAG0991 IMAG0992


IMAG0988  IMAG0990

IMAG0995  IMAG0996

IMAG0999  IMAG1003



IMAG1008 IMAG1015

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