Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Chapter with a few tears shed…


It is official for Mama Freeman…I am taking a much needed break from my business baby, Caglewood, to spend more time with my human babies this year!! Super sad and it was a very hard decision for me but the change is much needed. After 10 loooooong years of building the camp with my hubby, I am stepping back, bringing on another team member to take over my position for a little while, and focusing solely on my family for right now. I am super excited but also somewhat sad. I know it is the right decision and I know this will allow me to ‘re-find’ myself and ‘re-realize’ the reasons for starting the camp in the first place. It is time to reflect, rejuvenate, and refocus. I will be back soon.

No more putting my kids on the back burner for camp work. No more rushing around for a week every month trying to get things ready, packed, organized, etc, etc, etc. I am ready to focus on ME by doing some art work, sewing, getting back into shape, taking care of my migraines and my ‘whole health’, running some 5k’s, and I am ready to focus on spending some special time with the special men in my life. I need this and my health needs this. My boys need this. I love my camp, and I know the camp needs me to rejuvenate, too. I am ready for this new chapter and will embrace it with open arms!!!!

I LOVE YOU CAGLEWOOD CLAN! Can’t wait to see what is in store for the future. We will be around this year, for sure. The boys and I will be there to play, to learn, and to embrace your awesomeness. Fun times ahead! Thank you Kristen White for your help!

some photos from a looooooooong time ago =) (other than the one with all 3 boys)

Picture 014  Picture 071  Rafting 037IMAG0380    DSCN0477

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