Tuesday, August 7, 2012

FIVE Years of full Bliss…

My sweet middle, quiet child. He is so honest, loving, sneaky and headstrong. He knows what he wants and will let no one peer pressure him into changing his mind. He loves himself but loves his family more. It doesn’t matter how much his older brother picks on him, he will always put his brothers before himself – one selfless little boy and his heart can move mountains. I love my sweet Noah – who is FIVE!

Noah at a year old -

Blueridge 316

What a wonderful birthday. Thank you to all that could show him love on his special day – he had such an amazing time and slept for almost 2 days straight, trying to recover!! As you all can tell, the summer has gotten the best of me and I haven’t posted since the boys got out of school. A BUSY summer with some great memories made – but a post for another time. Love!

IMAG3278 IMAG3237-2 IMAG3268-1-1


Jobe said “DONUTS!!!”


We had such a super fun party with Noah’s little buddies, a great water slide, some yummy appetizers including ‘candy sushi’, and we even made our own sidewalk chalk for party favors. Fun weekend!


IMAG3315  IMAG3308-1

IMAG3327-1-1-1  IMAG3310



Our sushi and chalk…

IMAG3307-1  IMAG3332-1


The Daddy Heroes…


Love you my Noah Shmoa!!!!!!!!

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  1. I always love your blog posts! Can't believe sweet Noah is 5! Looks like the party was a blast and I love your creativity. love you all! Megan