Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Day of Firsts….sniff sniff

First day of Second grade. First day of Kindergarten. First day at a NEW school. Mommy’s first day home alone with Jobe – oh my goodness he is so much fun!! First day with our new lunch boxes. First day wearing new, super cool shoes (see Eli’s stance….he is cool). I could go on and on…



Everything was absolutely wonderful. Noah LOVED his class, his teacher, and being in a school with all of the big kids. He has been jumping around all week like he had ants in his pants because he was so excited about today. Elijah loved his new classmates and loved seeing some of his old friends there as well. I ADORE his teacher, she is absolutely amazing. We are sooooooo blessed to have this opportunity to have our babies go to North Georgia Christian. I am excited to see my boys blossom over this next year.

IMAG3392  IMAG3396

Paul has been an AMAZING daddy this week and has gotten the boys up at 6:30 every morning to ‘practice’ for today. They would, very slowly, eat breakfast together before Paul left for work. And lo’ and behold, the boys woke up on their own this morning at 6:20 and came running downstairs bouncing off the walls (hard to imagine, I know)  SUPER EXCITED ABOUT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!! Example below:


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