Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rollin’ it up…(Bed roll that is…)

So Noah’s Kindergarten supply list had a little thing on the bottom that was new to me – ‘nap mat’ it said. Eli didn’t have to have one of these because his kindergarten got out a lot earlier than Noah’s does. My first thought was ‘What in the world is a nap mat and where in the world do I find one of these?!’

Lo’ and behold many friends filled me in on where to find them and one even offered one to me (thanks Misha =) But after researching mats, noticing that fleece was on sale at my local Hobby Lobby – I finally decided that I could NOT pass up a crafty mommy opportunity (even though I WAS super stressed already) So I took off, stocked up on Buzz Fleece – and broke out my sewing machine for the weekend.



IMAG3371  IMAG3374-1

Ok Mamas – Super easy if you have some (even just a few) sewing skills! This one is definitely NOT perfect. No measuring, no rules, etc. I don’t like using patterns or following instructions (I blame it on my rebellious nature) so my first few (of anything) are always a bit ‘off’. I just used:

  • fleece
  • foam to use inside of the bed
  • velcro (for the tabs while rolling it up, for the bed, and for the pillow – it was used on one edge so that the fleece is able to be washed)
  • white stuffed pillow found at a craft store

IMAG3348-1  IMAG3377

So far he has been using it for a week at school and he loves it, it serves it’s purpose. Here he is below ‘trying it out’ the day I made it. My sweet baby, zonked out!


And there you go…I love being a mommy!

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