Friday, August 12, 2011

It’s official…

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The most anticipated day of this year has finally arrived! Elijah has successfully completed his first day at his new school – hopefully his school for the next 5 years. We have a 1st grader!!!! I was so baffled this morning, just completely beside myself. Of course, we had to wake up a lot earlier than normal because he now starts at 8am – sluggish and sleepy we ALL marched out the door and headed over to school. Had an unpleasant encounter with a police officer directing school traffic where I proceeded to spin my tires while speeding off because I was so angry with him. Ha! Very happy he did not follow me and yes, it was an accident people – I didn’t mean to drive like the maniac mother I know I am.


Got to school, super cute kids all in their uniforms and looking so sharp. We were in assembly, I was still a little shaky, and that is where it hit me – oh my goodness, he is really in school!!!! He will have REAL grades and everything this year, his work is a big deal, he will have homework,  he actually has textbooks, he will go on fieldtrips. WOW! This day hit me a lot harder than kindergarten did. We walked him down the super cute hallway, might I add this school/church has amazing artwork, murals, etc…. – and we entered his room where he had a REAL desk of his own right next to a window – which I loved, he needs his rejuvenating sunlight during the day.


Looked to our left and realized that the little girl in the desk next to his was Riley McClure – Todd McClure’s (who plays for the Atlanta Falcons) little girl. She was super cute, quiet, and very shy. We’ll see about girlfriends this year – there are 10 students in his class and they seem about equal with males and females =) IMAG0229   IMAG0230


Woooohooooo!!!! First Grade!!!!!!! He got in the car this afternoon and said “MOMMY, I LOOOOOVE SCHOOL"!!! fun times =)


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  1. Love you Eli! So glad that you had a great day at school!