Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who is ready for some FUN!!!??

In the beginning…


Paul has been working his TAIL off building the boys a playground from scratch. He planned it himself and is doing everything on his own (poor guy), even though he loves it! Paul does so much for his boys, they are so blessed to have him as their daddy. Although, he is making this playground sturdy enough for adult use =) He is moving a lot slower than he would have before his accident but we like to think that it is good therapy, painful, but good. 


It is going to be so cool, I can’t wait to have campouts on the platforms for years to come!!!! This playground will have 3 platforms (one little one for Jobe), a bridge in between them, a house, swings, at least 3 slides, a sandbox, trap door, rope ladder, a rock wall, a zip line going off into the woods, and more (I am sure)!


The boys are ECSTATIC so they are helping and helping. Hoping that their help will get it finished faster =)



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  1. that is going to be so awesome. can't wait to come and play with the boys! They are so blessed to have you BOTH. love you guys