Thursday, January 5, 2012

My sweet baby’s FIRST!!!

Jobe a year ago:


And Jobe today:


Such a sweet, laid back birthday it was. My precious baby is growing so fast and adores his big brothers like they are his heroes. He searches for them constantly and can now say ‘oooo-ah’ and ‘eeee-y-i'. We started his birthday off by visiting our local Cracker Barrel, of course, I mean gah! They had a nice big fire going and we enjoyed a great hot breakfast for Jobe’s ONE celebration………all while Jobe slept in his carseat at the table with a blanket covering him up. So really, the four of us celebrated for him =) ‘Happy Birthday!!’ thanks for the breakfast!

We then headed over to a local lake for a little hike, duck feeding, and photo shoot. Ohhhhh the ducks were scary, but they were oh so fun to look at! As long as you don’t step in their ‘poo’ as Noah would say.



IMG_5288 IMG_5301

IMG_5291 IMG_5306



 IMG_5361 - Copy


 IMG_5362 - Copy

Presents and cake TIME!!! (with a few zerberts) :

 IMG_5386  IMG_5395

IMG_5401  IMG_5405

Before, During, and After…


IMG_5430  IMG_5453



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  1. Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you!

    Auntie M, Pish and Stella

    JJ, love the pic with the boys backs to you with the ducks! So cute! And we have been there with you guys, so knew exactly where you were!